• Brazilian women


    Brazilians are very open, friendly, fun and noisy. They speak at the same time, managing to hear and answer. And only from Brazilian women https://www.dating.com/9-important-facts-about-dating-in-brazil/ can you hear compliments and confessions of love after only a few hours of communication.

    Of course, it is not necessary to become a Brazilian scholar, but it is worth remembering several aspects:

    • Brazilians do not speak English end masse, and those who talk often use Portuguese words in conversation, the meaning of which needs to be known.

    • Brazilians, including local women, do not really like people who know nothing about their country and culture. Or, on the contrary, they adhere to the cliché that Brazil is the Latin version of Thailand.

    • Brazilians love men who can support conversation and flirt. Moreover, we are not talking about the weather, but about the ability to formulate proposals more interestingly. For example, instead of the question: "do you want beer?" You need to ask: "pour some beer?" In general, you need to be erudite.

    • To at least a little understand Brazilian culture, you need to come to the country a couple of times without the intention to get acquainted with the "most beautiful priests in the world." But, fortunately, the Internet today finds friends among Brazilians and pull up Portuguese.

    The full name of the Brazilian consists of at least three parts: the name, surname of the mother and the surname of the father. When getting married, the woman does not change her surname, but simply adds her husband's surname to her. According to the latest legislation, a full name cannot be longer than 4 words, so in order to take the husband's surname, girls often have to abandon one of their surnames. Most often this is the surname of the mother.

    So, if you are ready to go to conquer Brazilian beauties, then it is best to do this during carnivals, which the locals call the "period of infidelity." The easiest way to enter some procession and start communicating. At some point, kissing and flirting will become part of the festival. Of course, such a way is suitable for people who feel free in a crowd of strangers.